5 Ways to Revamp Your Garden After Having a Stump Removed

stump removalWhen a tree on your property is cut down, it is advised to also have the stump removed and the best way to ensure the entire tree stump is removed is to have it ground. Grinding the tree stump eliminates the risks of an exposed stump and ensures termites don’t have a new place to make home.

Stump grinding is a job best left to a professional company like Armac Stump Grinding. To ensure a stump is ground correctly, it requires the use of specialist machinery and the expertise and knowledge of someone trained and experienced in stump grinding.

Having a stump ground will create new space in your garden. Read on to learn 5 ways to revamp your garden after having a stump removed including:

  • Add a Path
  • Plant Flowers
  • Extend your driveway
  • Build an Outdoor Area
  • Add a Garden Feature

Add a Path

Adding a path to your garden may be a way to add better access between the indoors and outdoors. You may find a walk to or from your carport or shed is made easier by adding a path where a tree stump used to be. Installing lights either side of the path will look great and light the way when dark.

Plant Flowers

Add a pop of colour to your garden by planting new flowers or plants. Choose flowers that grow well in your environment and will add to the aesthetics of your garden. For a permanent pop of colour plant flowers in the ground or if you want to be able to move the flowers opt to keep them potted in large pots.

Extend your driveway

Widened drivewayA newly create space where a tree stump was, can be used to extend your driveway. Whether making your driveway longer, wider or both, consider the size of your front garden and remember to investigate if any permits or approvals are required.

Build an Outdoor Area

Have you always wanted to build an outdoor area, but never had the right space available? Having a tree stump removed may now make this a reality. An outdoor area provides an added space to use as an outdoor living area and can be used for multiple purposes including entertaining, a home gym or teenagers retreat.

Add a Garden Feature

Garden features make the ideal way to revamp your garden, giving it a new look and feel. Garden features are available in a range of shape, sizes, materials and textures and could be a bird bath, statue, bench seat, table and chairs or water feature.

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