How Much Does It Cost for Stump Grinding?

Big Tree Removal By Armac Stump GrindingWhen it comes to stump removal, it’s not as easy as one may originally believe. The chopping down and removal of the tree itself is relatively simple unless it is very large and dangerous, but the difficulty in removing the stump has seen many people just leave them behind and why you see so many tree stumps left in the ground. To allow for more available space and area for productivity, as well as safety for those who move around it, the stump should be removed sooner rather than later, and a professional is always your best bet for professional and effective grinding and removal.

Armac is your local expert in not only stump grinding but tree removal and yard clean-ups. We specialise in grinding and removing stumps of all sizes in all locations and in any situation with safe, professional equipment to suit any budget. The cost to remove a stump will always depend on:

  • Size of Stump
  • Location of Stump
  • Situation Surrounding the Stump

Size of Stump

The size of the tree stump will inevitably be a significant factor in the cost of grinding it out of the ground. The blade is only so big, regardless of stump size, so the bigger the stump, the longer it will take and the more mulch it will produce. This mulch can be removed for an additional cost or spread throughout the surrounding garden. It will also take significantly longer to grind out a large stump.

Location of Stump

Stump removalStumps in tricky locations, such as in small garden beds or behind sheds may incur extra charges for the use of additional equipment to get to the stump location. It may also take a lot longer in labour time to manoeuvre around the obstacles to physically remove the stump itself. Tree stumps in easier locations, such as the middle of a backyard or on a front verge, can also call for some equipment to get through the back gate to access the stump or safety equipment to cut off the verge to avoid pedestrians being affected by the stump removal.

Situation Surrounding the Stump

Your tree stump might look simple enough to remove, but what is going on around it? Is it easily accessed through a side gate? Is their underground service running close to the base? Is it located right next to a pool or a fence/wall that might be damaged in the removal process? This is one of the main reasons why you should employ a professional to remove tree stumps; they are able to assess the surroundings when they give you a quote and reduce the risk of any excess damage.

Who Can Remove My Tree Stumps For A Good Price?

Armac can assist you with all of your stump grinding and removal, no matter what the size, location or surrounding obstacles. Ray and the team pride themselves on a reputation for reliability and exemplary workmanship for a competitive price to suit any budget and garden dream.

Call Armac on 0448 442 477 for your free, onsite quote today.


How Deep Can You Stump Grind?

Big stumpWhen you hire a landscaper or tree removalist to cut down trees on your property, the quoted price usually only includes the chopping down of the trees, not the removal of the base or stump. This task is usually left to the property owner, and is a back-breaker to say the least! You can use all means of equipment to try and dig deep enough to pull the stump out, only to end up with a large hole and the stump still firmly embedded in the earth. You need a professional; someone who knows how far to dig and which way to grind to get that stump out easily, and save your back and precious time in the process.

Armac carry all the necessary equipment and experience to remove stumps efficiently and safely, with a minimum of fuss and for an affordable price. They know everything there is to know about stump grinding and can answer all of your queries regarding not only stump grinding, however the safe removal of trees and methods to clean up the site when they are done.

Some of their most common queries relate to the depth and process of removing stumps including:

  • How Deep Can You Grind?
  • Why Can’t you Dig Deeper?
  • What Happens After You’ve Ground Out The Stump?

How Deep Can You Grind?

Standard regulations state that you may only grind a stump 200-300mm below the surrounding ground level. This has just as much to do with the size of the equipment and the blade of the grinder as it does the stump itself. Larger stumps take longer and cost more, as more time and labour is required to grind the stump. The blade is only so big, so little chunks need to be removed, for the safety of both the operator and the maintenance of the equipment.

Why Can’t You Grind Deeper?

Stump goneSurrounding services, such as local water lines, power lines and amenity sources run in the ground, often not obvious to the property owner. These can be damaged if cutting equipment runs too close to them. Footpaths can be damaged if a stump is located at the front of a property, not to mention garden beds and fences that can be costly to replace if damaged by the vibration of large machinery or blades.

What Happens After You’ve Ground Out The Stump?

Armac prides itself on their ability to leave a site like it’s never had a tree there at all. The stump is mulched and the hole is filled, the ground is levelled and work area is left clear and ready for new garden dreams to come true. For a small additional cost, the mulch created from grinding the stump can be removed.

Who Can Help Me Remove A Large Stump?

Armac are your experts in stump removal in the South West. Local specialists operating under strict safety guidelines and standards, Armac are reliable and professional, with competitive pricing and a range of yard services to satisfy all of your needs. For an obligation free quote, phone Ray on 0448 442 477 today.