What is Involved in Stump Grinding?

Yukkas removed and Involved in Stump GrindingRemoving a tree is dangerous work requiring the knowledge, expertise and equipment of a professional. Many people assume after having a tree removed professionally, the final part of the task, removing the stump, they can do on their own. It’s straightforward, you just dig out the stump then fill in the hole and it’s done, right? Wrong! Stumps stay attached to a tree’s root system, meaning stumps can survive for a long time after a tree has been cut down. An effective way to remove a tree stump is stump grinding. This involves using a machine with sharp teeth on a rotating disc that cuts the stump of a tree into very small pieces.    

Interested to learn more about what is involved in the process of stump grinding? The steps involved include:

  • Assess the stump and ensure there are no hazards
  • Position the stump grinder and begin grinding
  • Determine the depth required to ensure correct removal of stump
  • Fill the hole created by grinding the stump
  • Thorough clean-up of area

Assess the stump and ensure there are no hazards

Removing a stump normally requires a hole larger than the width of the stump itself. Safety is imperative. Before the stump grinding machinery can be bought onsite, a thorough site inspection is performed to assess there are no hazards to the person operating the machinery or working near the area where the stump is. 

Position the stump grinder and begin grinding

The stump grinder will be positioned so the rotating disc is over the stump. As the stump is ground it is turned into small wood chips, also known as mulch, which can be used in your garden.

Determine the depth required to ensure correct removal of stump

Cotton Palm Involved in Stump GrindingWhen grinding a stump, it is important to ensure the stump is ground deep enough it will decay. If the depth is not correct, the tree can grow back, or the stump can attract insects or diseases which can spread to nearby vegetation.

Fill the hole created by grinding the stump

After grinding the stump, for safety, it is important the hole left is filled with the mulch produced. Depending on the kind of tree stump that was ground, this hole can be a significant depth. Filling this hole in, will leave you with a clean space to work with for new plantings or paving.

Thorough clean-up of area

Once the job is complete, there will be no trace of the tree stump at all. A thorough clean-up will be performed leaving the area neat and tidy.  

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5 Reasons to Have Dead Trees Removed

Dead pine treeWhile most trees can live a long time, there are many factors that affect a tree. For this reason, trees on your property should be inspected regularly to ensure their good health. Despite regular checks, some trees still sadly die. When this occurs, it’s important to ensure removing them is a priority. A dead tree is unpredictable and if not removed, can be the cause of damage to home, property, vegetation or worse still, people. 

Read on to learn 5 important reasons to make removing dead trees a priority including:

  • Risk of injury to yourself and others
  • Potential damage to your home’s structures
  • Potential damage to neighbouring properties
  • Spread of disease to surrounding vegetation
  • The longer it remains standing, the more dangerous it is

Risk of injury to yourself and others

If a dead tree on your property is in an area that people access, removing it is essential. Once it has died, a trees branches are prone to breaking and falling without warning. Worse still, the whole tree may come down. Don’t put the well-being and safety of you and others at risk of being struck by falling branches.  

Potential damage to your home’s structures

A fallen branch from a dead tree can cause serious damage to home structures. A damaged roof, broken window or damaged vehicle can be the result of a fallen branch. A fallen dead tree could also block access to your home causing a huge inconvenience to you and your family.

Removal of a dead pine tree by ARMAC - Stump Grinding, Tree Removal, Yard CleanupPotential damage to neighbouring properties

A dead tree can be the culprit of damage to not only your home, but your neighbours too. Fallen branches or whole trees can cause significant damage to neighbouring fences plus neighbour’s outdoor areas including sheds, patios and garages. Eliminate the risk of a dead tree causing damage by having it removed.

Spread of disease to surrounding vegetation

There are several factors that can cause tree diseases including location, soil quality and weather conditions. Many tree diseases are contagious and easily spread to nearby trees and plants. Minimise this risk and protect the rest of your garden by having dead trees removed straight away.

The longer it remains standing, the more dangerous it is

The longer a dead tree remains standing, the more brittle it becomes. The more brittle a dead tree is, the riskier the job of removing it can become. This can lead to more time needed which can lead to more costs involved.

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Who Can Construct and Maintain Firebreaks in Bunbury?

FirebreaksSummer has nearly arrived with temperatures increasing and days becoming longer. If you haven’t already, it is time to check the exterior of your home or property to make sure it is summer ready. One important task is to check if your property requires firebreaks and if so, have them constructed. For properties with existing firebreaks, it is imperative they are maintained too.

Interested to know more about firebreaks? Read on to learn more including:

  • What is a firebreak?
  • Firebreak designs
  • Firebreak requirements

What is a firebreak?

A firebreak is a long and narrow piece of land that has been cleared of trees, shrubs, grass and other combustible materials. While a firebreak cannot be fully relied upon to stop a bushfire spreading, it’s two main purposes are to minimise or stop a low-intensity bushfire spreading and allow fire-fighting vehicles easy access if a fire does occur. Depending on the land to be cleared, firebreaks are normally constructed and maintained using a bulldozer, front end loader, grader or tractor.

Firebreak designs

Firebreaks are normally required to be on the outer edge of a property and at least 3 metres wide with an additional horizontal clearance of half a metre on both sides plus a vertical clearance of 4 metres. However, the size of your property will determine if these measurements need to be increased. When constructing a firebreak, the size of fire fighting vehicles must be considered to ensure they have a path that connects to formal access routes, doesn’t come to a dead end plus has suitable space to turn around.

Firebreak requirements

EarthworkIt is imperative to ensure a firebreak is effective and for this reason, local governments issue fire-break notices advising the required dimensions. These notices can be issued at any time through the year under the Bush Fires Act 1954 (BF Act) or prior to the start of the summer bushfire season. Each local government determines their own minimum fire-break standards and how these standards apply to various property sizes.

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The content in this article is general information. Please refer to dfes.wa.gov.au and speak to your local government for further information and requirements.

Help! My Yard Is Overgrown. Who Can I Call in Bunbury?

Bunch of trees to be removeAs beautiful as leafy trees and green grass is, there is ongoing maintenance required. With trees, come falling leaves which need to be raked and cleared away plus regular pruning. With grass comes regular mowing to keep it looking tidy and neat plus fertilising and watering to keep it lush and green. With life becoming busier, it is easy to run out of time to maintain your yard areas and before you know it, they have become overgrown and in need of some TLC.

ARMAC are more than just stump grinding experts. Ray and his team provide the following services that can help keep your yard looking its best:

  • Earthworks
  • Tree Pruning and Yard Clean Up
  • Tree Removal


Having the correct equipment is essential when performing earthworks. Adding a new path, driveway, firebreak or landscape design to your home or property are all common reasons to have earthworks done. Old turf or lawn that has died and needs to be dug out is another common reason for earthworks. Earthworks can improve drainage if you have water pooling in outside areas such as driveways or around drains. Many homes have unwanted wooden or concrete structures, both can be moved with the correct earthworks to ensure no damage is down to irrigation or below ground pipes.

Tree Pruning and Yard Clean Up

Removal of tree for new driveway entranceWith winter comes strong winds causing branches and leaves to fall from trees. Fallen leaves can block drains and gutters causing further maintenance issues for homeowners. Overgrown trees can be an issue in not only your yard but neighbours too. Fallen branches can become trip hazards for you and your family when outdoors. Regular trimming of overgrown and overhanging tree branches will minimise the risk of damage. Lawn that is overgrown often requires not only mowing, but edges to be redone too. Debris accumulates quickly so a yard clean up will remove all debris and have your yard looking neat and tidy again.

Tree Removal

Trees can require removal for various reasons. Removing trees can be dangerous work so it’s a job best left to professionals who are fully trained and have the correct equipment on hand to ensure safety. Trees should be inspected on a regular basis as a damaged tree that needs removing can fall, causing extensive and costly damage to structures like sheds or patio’s plus damage vehicles too.

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How Can I Use the Space Created from Grinding a Tree Stump?

Whether a tree on your property has fallen over or been cut down and removed, the stump will remain. While some home and property owners leave the stump and work around it, it’s advised to make removing the stump part of the tree removal process.

No matter the size of the stump, a professional company like Armac Stump Grinding has the specialist machinery required to complete the job. Using specialist machinery removes the chances of damaging important infrastructure and causing problems for you or others in your area too.

An area where a tree once was can be given a new lease of life and be used for all different purposes. Not sure what to use your newly created space for? Here are just a few ideas –

  • Add or Increase the Size of Your Driveway
  • Plant New Vegetation
  • Add a New Structure to Your Home or Property

Add or Increase the Size of Your Driveway

Adding a driveway to your home or property is a good investment. It can not only increase the value of your home, but make it stand out from the rest in a crowded real estate market. A newly created space could be utilised to convert a garden into a driveway or increase the size of an existing driveway. The size of your front garden is an important factor to consider and don’t forget to investigate if any permits or approvals are required.

With teenagers living at home for longer and multiple families living under the same roof, increasing the size of a driveway provides more parking spaces for vehicles. Paving is often used for parking however unless the paving was designed to have vehicles parked on, it may not be able to handle the weight of vehicles long term.

Yukkas removed and ground out - Tree StumpPlant New Vegetation

Giving your garden a new lease of life by planting new vegetation can be a rewarding experience. Plants can be placed to create privacy around your home. Many people have envisaged how their ideal garden will look so creating new space by removing old stumps allows this vision to come to life. A cleared area is a great reason to plant a vegetable garden while spring is the ideal time to plant summer flowers, vegetables and herbs.

Add a New Structure to Your Home or Property

Ever dreamed of adding a shed or patio to your home or property, but never had the right space available. Removing old trees and grinding their stumps may make this dream a reality. A shed makes the perfect space for the ultimate man cave or to store household and garden appliances and equipment. Shade that was provided by a large tree or trees on your property can remain by building a patio. This entertainers delight will be put to good use by you and your family plus can increase the value of your property too.

Armac Stump Grinding, Tree Removal and Yard Clean-up are your trusted and reliable professionals in the South West.

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Winter has finally arrived in Bunbury. Is your property winter ready?

Cotton Palm

The winter season is upon us as low temperatures, rain and strong winds settle in around the South West. If you haven’t already, it is certainly time to check the exterior of your home or property to make sure it is safe. This will not only minimise the risk of potential damage, but help prevent any nasty surprises when venturing outdoors after fierce winter storms or winds.

Trees on your property should be at the top of your list to be inspected. Here are just a few things to look out for when inspecting trees on your property this winter:

  • The angle of the trees
  • The height of the trees
  • The health of the trees

The Angle of The Trees

Trees often don’t grow straight up and down, a little lean can be normal. However, if your tree is leaning more than usual, has a build up of soil on the side opposite the lean or has visible roots around the base of the tree, it is a sure sign the tree may be unstable. An experienced professional will have the expertise to know how to re-stabilise the tree to help redistribute the trees weight evenly again.

The Height of The Trees

Having beautiful large trees is aesthetically pleasing and provides beautiful shade during the summer months. Fast forward a few months to winter and the higher the tree, the bigger the risk of potential damage. The cause of this damage is often lightning and strong winds. If lightning strikes one side of a tree, it may live to see another day, but if a bolt travels through the trunk, damaging wood, bark and roots, it could mean the life of the tree is over.

Strong and gale force winds can cause entire trees to be uprooted or considerable structural damage to occur. Large branches can fall onto roofs, fencing, gutters, sheds, patios or even through windows. Cutting or pruning trees before winter is a job best left to a professional, they have the experience and expertise not to mention the correct equipment to ensure safety too.

The Health of The Trees

While most trees have a long life span, there are many environmental factors that can effect a tree’s health.  These can include not only the rain, wind and storms that winter brings, but also cold weather too. A few signs your tree may be unhealthy include cracks and splits in a trees trunk, fungus around the stump of the tree, splitting or peeling of branches and an uneven growth pattern. A professional has the expertise to identify these warning signs and know when a tree needs attention. Having your trees inspected regularly is the best way to ensure their good health.

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Who Can I Use To Have A Cotton Palm Removed?

Cotton PalmDoes your backyard have a certain 1980’s feel to it, complete with an assortment of large palm trees?

Cotton palms are beautiful trees, but they can grow up to 15-20m tall and some have spiky fronds that can cause nasty cuts. The way their fronds cause a dense ‘shag’ skirt below can invite pests and are also a fire hazard, as well as being a threat to biodiversity in bushland, so unless you are committed to maintaining your cotton palms, it’s best to have them removed by a professional.

Armac Stump Grinding are your local, qualified choice when it comes to tree removal and have vast experience in removing palms of all sizes from back and front yards with minimal disturbance to your existing gardens. Ray and his team have the expertise and experience to get the job done affordably, efficiently and on time, so you don’t risk injury or property damage by attempting the job yourself.

  • Safety Guaranteed and Insurance Compliance
  • Fast and Affordable
  • Locally Owned Small Business

Safety Guaranteed and Insurance Compliance

Armac Stump Grinding place the highest importance on safety and focus on completing the job safely every time. They hold all industry accreditations and insurances to ensure they not only carry out the job professionally and to the highest safety standards, but will be compliant with your own insurance requirements.

Fast and Affordable

Cotton Palm Sth Bun2Armac Stump Grinding understand the growing cost of maintenance of your property and strive to keep their prices indicative of the work involved without compromising on customer service and workmanship. The size, location and situation surrounding the tree will determine the cost of the job, however Armac Stump Grinding are always fair and competitive with their pricing.

Locally Owned Small Business

South West residents appreciate a unique assortment of local flora and fauna and Ray and his team recognise and respect the diverse ecosystems of the local community. As a family owned and run small business, Armac Stump Grinding understand the need to support local and to provide exemplary service to ensure return clientele.

Who Can Assist Me With Cottom Palm Removal in the South West?

Armac Stump Grinding can not only assist with the removal of palm trees, but all trees, stumps and yard cleanup services. Call Ray and the team on 0448 442 477 for your free quote today.

Is It Better to Grind A Stump or Remove It?

Collie Cot palms2Whether a tree has fallen or been cut down to the stump, the trees roots will still be attached underground. Depending on the kind of tree it is the stump could start to shoot more growth turning into a tree again.  All trees have a different root system, the rule of little tree, little root system is not always the case. Some trees can be healthy and other trees can start to decay which would mean the tree needs to be removed.

3 Areas in The Tree Removal Stage

  • Removal of the Tree Stump
  • Stump Grinding Process
  • Equipment

Removal of the Tree Stump

As a tree grows so does the root ball, when the root ball expands it can be anywhere from 4-10 times the size of the tree. So, in this case it will make for the stump removal a difficult process. Stump removal can involve the Dardanup Tree2root system needing to be cut and digging the bulk of the stump and lifting the rest away with a crane. Once removed there will be a significant hole where the tree once was.

Stump Grinding Process

Grinding of the tree stump will eliminate having to dig away. After the tree has been cut down to the ground level, the stump grinding process breaks down the stump into smaller pieces and the pieces can then be used as mulch. When the stump is ground it will usually be below the ground surface. Covering this area with dirt will eventually cause the stump to decay, with the root system around it. Be mindful that any removal of tree trunks could disturb the root system, potentially causing damage to paving or structures near by.


Specialised equipment is required for the task at hand and sourcing the expertise of a qualified professional will see that your tree is removed safely.

Stump Grinding or Removal?

Depending on the outcome you want, this will make the decision easier, although the process of stump grinding does take less time or if you are going to plant new trees or gardens, then complete removal may be the way to go.

When you need stump grinding or removal, contact the team at Armac Stump Grinding, Tree Removal and Yard Cleanup on 0448 442 477.

How Deep Can You Stump Grind?

Big stumpWhen you hire a landscaper or tree removalist to cut down trees on your property, the quoted price usually only includes the chopping down of the trees, not the removal of the base or stump. This task is usually left to the property owner, and is a back-breaker to say the least! You can use all means of equipment to try and dig deep enough to pull the stump out, only to end up with a large hole and the stump still firmly embedded in the earth. You need a professional; someone who knows how far to dig and which way to grind to get that stump out easily, and save your back and precious time in the process.

Armac carry all the necessary equipment and experience to remove stumps efficiently and safely, with a minimum of fuss and for an affordable price. They know everything there is to know about stump grinding and can answer all of your queries regarding not only stump grinding, however the safe removal of trees and methods to clean up the site when they are done.

Some of their most common queries relate to the depth and process of removing stumps including:

  • How Deep Can You Grind?
  • Why Can’t you Dig Deeper?
  • What Happens After You’ve Ground Out The Stump?

How Deep Can You Grind?

Standard regulations state that you may only grind a stump 200-300mm below the surrounding ground level. This has just as much to do with the size of the equipment and the blade of the grinder as it does the stump itself. Larger stumps take longer and cost more, as more time and labour is required to grind the stump. The blade is only so big, so little chunks need to be removed, for the safety of both the operator and the maintenance of the equipment.

Why Can’t You Grind Deeper?

Stump goneSurrounding services, such as local water lines, power lines and amenity sources run in the ground, often not obvious to the property owner. These can be damaged if cutting equipment runs too close to them. Footpaths can be damaged if a stump is located at the front of a property, not to mention garden beds and fences that can be costly to replace if damaged by the vibration of large machinery or blades.

What Happens After You’ve Ground Out The Stump?

Armac prides itself on their ability to leave a site like it’s never had a tree there at all. The stump is mulched and the hole is filled, the ground is levelled and work area is left clear and ready for new garden dreams to come true. For a small additional cost, the mulch created from grinding the stump can be removed.

Who Can Help Me Remove A Large Stump?

Armac are your experts in stump removal in the South West. Local specialists operating under strict safety guidelines and standards, Armac are reliable and professional, with competitive pricing and a range of yard services to satisfy all of your needs. For a free quote, phone Ray on 0448 442 477 today.

Signs a Tree is About to Fall?

tree removalWhen there are large trees around housing, fences or cars it is a good idea to keep them maintained by a professional who is better equipped to handle the trees and who has the knowledge with different signs a tree might show to indicate that the tree isn’t in its healthiest state.

Trees can cause thousands of dollars in damages when they come down on roofs, cars or neighbouring properties and if you are not covered by a reputable insurance company. You will also be thanking your lucky stars that no one was in its path when it comes to crashing to a halt.

Areas to Watch with Your Trees

  • Missing Bark or Deep Cracks
  • Leaning Trunks
  • Tight Branch Growth
  • Losing Leaves From the Outside In
  • Dead and Falling Branches

Missing Bark or Deep Cracks

Deep cracks or missing bark may be caused by a disease known as canker, this can cause a tree to break in that spot. If your tree looks healthy but is developing deep cracks this should not be ignored as with any deep cracks are not the sign of a healthy tree.

Leaning Trucks

If you notice a tree leaning more than 15 degrees from strong winds or root damage the whole tree needs to be removed for safety.

Tight Branch Growth

When branches are growing tightly together this is a bad sign. Elm, Maple, Yellow Poplar and Willow trees will break at the forks of stems where weak formations are. Noticing a “V” shaped structure is not healthy and should be more like a “U” for a strong union.

tree removedLosing Leaves from the Outside In

This can be a sign that there are root system problems. As the roots are where the tree gets its nutrients and water from.

Dead and Falling Branches

As the tree is trying to make itself smaller so that has less to feed, big branches could be noticed falling from the tree, more than usual.  Any dead branches should be removed as soon as possible to ensure safety.

When to act on a troublesome Tree

Need help with your trees? For trees of all shapes and sizes Armac Stump Grinding, Tree Removal and Yard Cleanups service can help. Armac has expertise with the right equipment and knowledge to help you trim or remove your trees and stumps. Contact Ray on 0448 442 477 for a free quote today.