Bracing For The Storm with Armac Stump Grinding

Cutting treesAs winter sets in around the South West, so do the storms. To ensure your property is safe from extensive damage and your family is safe from harm, it may be time to get the professionals in to assess your property’s trees and surrounding flora. Trees, branches, shrubs and debris lying around can be picked up by strong wind gusts and cause irreparable damage to your home and injury to the people around them.

Armac are your local, fully insured and accredited experts in tree removal, stump grinding and yard clean-ups. Whether it is clearing your yard from old trees to make new space or removing trees completely to minimise risk to your home anywhere in the South West, Ray and his team have the expertise and experience to get the job done affordably, efficiently and on time.

Some of the pre-emptive measures to take to ensure your home’s safety in storm season include:

  • Prune and Remove Low Lying Branches
  • Clear Yard Rubbish
  • Remove Large Dangerous Trees

Prune and Remove Low Lying Branches

Branches that scrape and whip against your roof, windows and walls during a storm will not only scare everyone inside, they also pose a serious safety threat. Heavier branches are prone to snapping and falling onto house roof, causing extensive damage and possibly causing you to have to evacuate your home.

Clear Yard Rubbish

Bits of yard rubbish, twigs, dead branches and other potential flying hazards are all simply lying in wait for the big wind gust that will pick them up and throw them through your windows. Carrying out an intensive yard cleanup not only clears spaces for new garden adventures, renovations or building and garden projects, they are also beneficial in moving possible flying objects out of the danger zone.

Remove Large Dangerous Trees

Armac Stump Grinding Bandit in ActionWhen it comes to damage to homes, cars, fences and utility services, one of the biggest culprits are large trees. Getting them pruned every year may not be enough when the tree becomes a hazard and has grown too close to power lines or the roots start lifting up house foundation and paving. The bigger the tree, the more the wind will shake it and if the trunk snaps and it lands on your house roof or car, that’s an extremely costly accident! Give yourself peace of mind that the large trees on your property aren’t a safety hazard and get them assessed by Armac Stump Grinding.

Who Can Help Me With Pre-Storm Cleanups and Preparation?

Armac strive to provide efficient and cost-effective service, with reliable and honest local small business service. We will never tell you to remove a tree unnecessarily and always leave our work sites immaculate and safe. Call Ray today for a free quote on 0448 442 477.