Who Can Construct and Maintain Firebreaks in Bunbury?

FirebreaksSummer has nearly arrived with temperatures increasing and days becoming longer. If you haven’t already, it is time to check the exterior of your home or property to make sure it is summer ready. One important task is to check if your property requires firebreaks and if so, have them constructed. For properties with existing firebreaks, it is imperative they are maintained too.

Interested to know more about firebreaks? Read on to learn more including:

  • What is a firebreak?
  • Firebreak designs
  • Firebreak requirements

What is a firebreak?

A firebreak is a long and narrow piece of land that has been cleared of trees, shrubs, grass and other combustible materials. While a firebreak cannot be fully relied upon to stop a bushfire spreading, it’s two main purposes are to minimise or stop a low-intensity bushfire spreading and allow fire-fighting vehicles easy access if a fire does occur. Depending on the land to be cleared, firebreaks are normally constructed and maintained using a bulldozer, front end loader, grader or tractor.

Firebreak designs

Firebreaks are normally required to be on the outer edge of a property and at least 3 metres wide with an additional horizontal clearance of half a metre on both sides plus a vertical clearance of 4 metres. However, the size of your property will determine if these measurements need to be increased. When constructing a firebreak, the size of fire fighting vehicles must be considered to ensure they have a path that connects to formal access routes, doesn’t come to a dead end plus has suitable space to turn around.

Firebreak requirements

EarthworkIt is imperative to ensure a firebreak is effective and for this reason, local governments issue fire-break notices advising the required dimensions. These notices can be issued at any time through the year under the Bush Fires Act 1954 (BF Act) or prior to the start of the summer bushfire season. Each local government determines their own minimum fire-break standards and how these standards apply to various property sizes.

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The content in this article is general information. Please refer to and speak to your local government for further information and requirements.

Who can Spring Clean my Yard?

Treee removalSpring is around the corner, it is the time to get your garden and yard tidied up from too many leaves or tree branches that may have come down making your front and back yard look less than appealing.

When these maintenance jobs need to be done, there is no need put them on the back burner until your able to accomplish the task. Contact the expertise who are only too happy to do a clean-up for you.

To save time and energy contact Armac who has all the equipment to help in the situation and complete the job from the beginning to end leaving you with the space you are needing.

Areas for your Spring Clean?

  • Tree and Branches
  • Stump Grinding
  • Earth Works

Trees and Branches

If your trees have taken a battering from the winter winds and left branches around your yard or partly broken off trees that need to be removed, these can easily be collected and trimmed and taken away for you.

EarthworksStump Grinding

Has a tree in your yard fallen onto a fence line or broken and looks like it needs to be removed, then Armac have the right tools and equipment and can remove the tree and grind stumps leaving you with free space again to utilise for something else.


When wanting to make extra space for a driveway, shed, drainage or just general yard clean-ups, earthworks is the way to go to ensure levelling and preparation of your ground ready for your project.

For a No Fuss Obligation Free Quote

Armac will give you the professional friendly service you need with a very affordable prices for all your tree removals, firebreaks, driveway preparations and earthworks.

Contact Ray at Armac today on 0448 442 477.

How Can Armac Help You This Autumn?

Tree Cutting By Armac Stump GrindingWhen people think Autumn, they predominantly think leaves; the falling, raking and clearing of leaves. But autumn is so much more than just cleaning up the yard of fallen leaves in preparation for winter. Some species of trees, plants and shrubs can be planted at this time, tree’s need to be pruned and lawn needs to be fertilised to allow for growth over the colder months. Preparing your yard in autumn reduces the chances of you having to get out in the cold, wet months of winter to attend to garden issues.

Armac are so much more than just stump removal specialists, they can assist with all areas of yard cleanup and tree removal. We provide the following services that can help you prepare for winter:

  • Tree pruning and removal
  • Yard Cleanup
  • Earthworks

Tree Pruning and Removal

Whilst the winds get stronger and the days get shorter, you may wish to consider having your larger trees pruned or even removed to decrease the chance of a tree falling on your car, shed or home. Large branches can be a safety hazard and trees typically begin to enter dormancy in winter, making it a great time to prune for efficient re-growth.

Yard Cleanup

EarthworksGot a leafy tree? Or does your neighbour? Those fallen leaves cause all sorts of problems when they fall into gutters and pools, clogging up drains and filters. They can also pose slip hazards when they are wet and breed mosquitoes and other insects in their warm, moist nests. Pruning your shrubs and bushes, cleaning up debris and removing possible dangers to your family are all part of the Armac Yard Cleanup service.


Whilst the word earthworks often brings to mind large expansive movement of dirt and rubble, it can refer to the small jobs of driveways and drainage, which is so important when excess water is around your home.

Who Can Help Get My Yard Ready For Winter?

Armac will not only assist in tree and stump removal, but yard cleanup and earthworks to ensure your property is safe and ready for the colder months. Call Ray today on 0448 442 477 to arrange a free onsite quote today.