Stump Removal

Who can Spring Clean my Yard?

Treee removalSpring is around the corner, it is the time to get your garden and yard tidied up from too many leaves or tree branches that may have come down making your front and back yard look less than appealing.

When these maintenance jobs need to be done, there is no need put them on the back burner until your able to accomplish the task. Contact the expertise who are only too happy to do a clean-up for you.

To save time and energy contact Armac who has all the equipment to help in the situation and complete the job from the beginning to end leaving you with the space you are needing.

Areas for your Spring Clean?

  • Tree and Branches
  • Stump Grinding
  • Earth Works

Trees and Branches

If your trees have taken a battering from the winter winds and left branches around your yard or partly broken off trees that need to be removed, these can easily be collected and trimmed and taken away for you.

EarthworksStump Grinding

Has a tree in your yard fallen onto a fence line or broken and looks like it needs to be removed, then Armac have the right tools and equipment and can remove the tree and grind stumps leaving you with free space again to utilise for something else.


When wanting to make extra space for a driveway, shed, drainage or just general yard clean-ups, earthworks is the way to go to ensure levelling and preparation of your ground ready for your project.

For a No Fuss Obligation Free Quote

Armac will give you the professional friendly service you need with a very affordable prices for all your tree removals, firebreaks, driveway preparations and earthworks.

Contact Ray at Armac today on 0448 442 477.

How Low Does A Stump Need to Be To Be Ground

Stump removalWhen a tree is removed you will be left with what is called the stump. Even though you are glad the tree is removed the stump and the root system could still cause a problem.

Whilst the stump is still protruding out of the ground certain activities will still need to be done around the stump like mowing the lawn. Not to mention the added pests that will source a home in your remaining tree stump.

Stumps can sometimes be left in the most inconvenient of places if your stump is in the location of a garden bed, it will be difficult to grow new vegetation and plant life in the spot until the stump and all is removed.

From Tree to Stump

  • What we can cut off
  • Trim to Size
  • Cut from Ground Level

What we can cut off

We can trim and remove any loose or low hanging branches and make your tree look more presentable.

Removing stump made easyIf your trees have been broken and destroyed by bad weather and unfortunately can’t stay where they are any more the whole tree may need to be removed down to the stump.

Trim to Size

When tree branches are not maintained by keeping them tidy they can pose an electrical hazard when interfering with powerlines which could promote a fire. If this can’t be maintained, it would be a good idea to get the tree removed for the future safety.

Cut from the Ground Level

Even when the tree has been cut to a stump the process to create the yard space will only best be achieved when the complete stump has been removed.

Choose the Professionals in The Industry

Armac Stump Grinding, Tree Removal and Yard cleanup are the professionals when it comes to all your stump grinding, tree removals and earthworks. Servicing areas of Collie, Harvey, Capel, Brunswick, Bunbury, Eaton and Australind. Contact Ray today on 0448 442 477.

Should I Remove Damaged or Dead Trees on My Property?

Cypress Pine and Eucalypt RemovalA healthy tree is lovely to look at, has environmental benefits and can provide an abundance of shade. However, as beneficial as trees are, for various reasons they can become unhealthy, damaged or even die.

While damaged or dead trees may appear to be perfectly stable and not causing any harm, it’s important to ensure removing them is made a priority. Read below to learn more including:

  • How do I know a tree is damaged or dead?
  • A dead or damaged tree can be dangerous
  • Prevent harm to surrounding vegetation

How do I know a tree is damaged or dead?

Trees on your property should be inspected regularly to ensure their good health. A trained professional has the expertise to identify signs of a decaying tree however there are warning signs property owners should be on the lookout for. Signs of a damaged or decaying tree includes a tree that is leaning to one side, a tree with exposed roots, a tree with brown and brittle branches, a tree trunk that is peeling or cracking and a tree with thinning foliage.

A dead or damaged tree can be dangerous

If a dead or damaged tree on your property is in an area that people access, it is highly recommended it is removed. Once it has died, a trees branches are prone to breaking and falling without warning or the whole tree may even fall. A fallen branch can cause extensive damage to yours or neighbouring homes structures. Even more so, fallen branches or a fallen tree puts peoples well-being and safety at risk.

Cypress Pine and Eucalypt stump removalPrevent harm to surrounding vegetation

A tree being damaged or dying can also be caused by a tree becoming diseased. There are several factors that can cause tree diseases including location, soil quality and weather conditions. Many tree diseases are contagious and easily spread to nearby trees and plants. Minimise this risk and protect the rest of your garden by having trees that are damaged or dying because of a disease removed straight away.

ARMAC – Stump Grinding, Tree Removal and Yard Cleanup are your local experts for all your tree removal needs.

Ray and his experienced team of professionals at ARMAC – Stump Grinding, Tree Removal and Yard Cleanup will ensure damaged and/or dead trees on your property are removed correctly. With competitive prices, expert advice and over 15 years industry experience, call Ray  to discuss all your tree removal and tree pruning needs on 0448 442 477 today.

What Does a Complete Garden Renovation Involve?

Complete Garden Renovation

When we think of renovating our home, it’s often only the indoors we consider however, it’s possible to do a garden renovation too. Removing your existing garden and clearing the space creates a new area that can be used for multiple purposes.

Before your new garden can take begin to take shape, there is plenty of groundwork to be done. Read on to learn more about what a complete garden renovation involves including:

  • Safety and correct equipment
  • Tree and stump removal
  • Garden beds removal
  • Earthworks
  • Bring your new garden to life

Safety and correct equipment

When it comes to undertaking renovations in your garden, it is important to ensure it is done safely. While you may think it is a task you can tackle yourself, there may be work involved at heights plus the use of specialised equipment. Most equipment should only be operated by those who are trained and qualified to do so. Working together closely with nearby neighbours or officials for gas lines, water or electricity will give you peace of mind that certain structures are not damaged through the works process too.

Tree and stump removal

Depending on what renovations are taking place, trees and stumps in your garden may need removing. The removing or pruning of trees can be dangerous work and should only be undertaken by those trained and equipped to do so. Once a tree is removed, it’s important to ensure the stump is ground correctly to ensure the trees root system doesn’t begin to grow again.

Garden beds removal

Garden beds removal involves ensuring all plants and soil is removed and discarded appropriately. Garden bed removal may also involve removing bricks or borders surrounding garden beds. 


Earthworks by ARMAC

When the unwanted trees, stumps and garden removal has taken place, the process to clear away all debris and level off the surface takes place. It is important to also ensure all rubbish is disposed of correctly too.

Bring your new garden to life

Once this important groundwork has been done and you have a cleared space, your new garden can begin to come to life. Your new space can be used for may purposes including planting new lawn and vegetation or installing a new permanent fixture such as a garage or patio.

Armac Stump Grinding, Tree Removal and Yard Clean-up are your trusted and reliable professionals in the South West for all your stump grinding, tree removal and yard cleanup needs

With over 20 years’ experience in grinding tree stumps and removing surface roots throughout Bunbury and the South West area, Ray and the team at ARMAC – Stump Grinding, Tree Removal and Yard Clean ups are holders of the nationally recognised White Card, fully insured and qualified with all relevant tickets.

Call Ray on 0448 442 477 and discuss your requirements today. He will provide expert advice and a FREE quote.

Is It Better to Grind A Stump or Remove It?

Collie Cot palms2Whether a tree has fallen or been cut down to the stump, the trees roots will still be attached underground. Depending on the kind of tree it is the stump could start to shoot more growth turning into a tree again.  All trees have a different root system, the rule of little tree, little root system is not always the case. Some trees can be healthy and other trees can start to decay which would mean the tree needs to be removed.

3 Areas in The Tree Removal Stage

  • Removal of the Tree Stump
  • Stump Grinding Process
  • Equipment

Removal of the Tree Stump

As a tree grows so does the root ball, when the root ball expands it can be anywhere from 4-10 times the size of the tree. So, in this case it will make for the stump removal a difficult process. Stump removal can involve the Dardanup Tree2root system needing to be cut and digging the bulk of the stump and lifting the rest away with a crane. Once removed there will be a significant hole where the tree once was.

Stump Grinding Process

Grinding of the tree stump will eliminate having to dig away. After the tree has been cut down to the ground level, the stump grinding process breaks down the stump into smaller pieces and the pieces can then be used as mulch. When the stump is ground it will usually be below the ground surface. Covering this area with dirt will eventually cause the stump to decay, with the root system around it. Be mindful that any removal of tree trunks could disturb the root system, potentially causing damage to paving or structures near by.


Specialised equipment is required for the task at hand and sourcing the expertise of a qualified professional will see that your tree is removed safely.

Stump Grinding or Removal?

Depending on the outcome you want, this will make the decision easier, although the process of stump grinding does take less time or if you are going to plant new trees or gardens, then complete removal may be the way to go.

When you need stump grinding or removal, contact the team at Armac Stump Grinding, Tree Removal and Yard Cleanup on 0448 442 477.

Storm Clean Up With Armac

Tree removedHave the wild winter storms left your yard a little worse for wear? Have you got fallen branches that need removing from  your yard or still hanging from your trees? From fallen branches to large fallen trees, Armac can assist you with your yard clean-ups to get your garden looking Spring ready in no time.

Armac are so much more than just stump removal specialists, they can assist with all areas of yard cleanup and tree removal. Armac also carry all necessary accreditations and insurances to ensure they not only carry out the job professionally and to the highest safety standards but will be compliant with your own insurance requirements.

  • Branch and Debris Removal
  • Earthworks for Future Plans
  • Tree Lopping and Stumping Grinding

Branch and Debris Removal

Wild winds can result in branches, both large and small, breaking off from larger trees and ending up in your yard. Not only is this a safety concern, it can be unsightly and inconvenient when the storms pass. Removing larger branches that have broken away, or are still swinging, from trees in your yard requires them being cut down and removed safely and correctly to avoid any further damage.

Earthworks for Future Plans

EarthworkDid the excessive rain have you contemplating some garden changes? Maybe you realised you need extra drainage or that you don’t really want all that water creating a small lake at your back door? Armac carry out earthworks for garden renovations and landscaping that ensure the space is left clean and ready for you to create new, improved garden features.

Tree Lopping and Stump Grinding

Large trees that looked innocent in the sunshine of summer can also show their true colours when winter storms push them close to power lines. If you’ve noticed your large trees are getting far too close for comfort, or that they are getting too big or old to withstand the weather much longer, Armac are able to safely and efficiently remove the tree and it’s stump to allow for your peace of mind.

Who Can Assist Me With Storm Clean Up In The South West?

Armac are your local, affordable choice for yard clean-ups, tree removal and stump grinding throughout the South West. Don’t let the winter storms get you down; Armac are only a phone call away.
Call Ray today on 0448 442 477 for your free, onsite quote.

Why Choose Armac Stump Grinding?

Large Stump RemovedTree removal, stump grinding and yard cleanup are all jobs that may be tempting to tackle as a home DIY, but are definitely best left to the professionals. Not only are they dangerous from a safety perspective, they are also labour intensive and require a degree of expertise in understanding the best way to tackle the job to save time and money.

Armac are your experts in stump grinding, tree removal and yard cleanups in the South West. Local specialists operating under strict safety guidelines and standards, Armac Stump Grinding are reliable and professional, with competitive pricing and a range of yard services to satisfy all of your needs.

The prime reasons for using a reputable business such as Armac include:

  • Small, Local Business
  • Professional, Safe and Insured
  • Efficient and Affordable

Small, Local Business

As a family owned and run small business, Armac understand the unique challenges and joys of living in the South West and the types of vegetation and domestic flora we enjoy. Ray and his team utilise their years of experience to efficiently and carefully remove trees, shrubs, bushes and old stumps to make way for new growth and development, whilst being sensitive to the ecosystem of our local community.

Professional, Safe and Insured

Tree removalArmac carry all necessary accreditations and insurances to ensure they not only carry out the job professionally and to the highest safety standards but will be compliant with your own insurance requirements. We place the highest importance on safety and focus on completing the job safely every time.

Efficient and Affordable

The size, location and situation surrounding the stump, tree or yard will determine the cost of the job, however Armac Stump Grinding are always fair and competitive with their pricing. We understand the growing cost of maintenance of your property and strive to keep our prices indicative of the work involved without compromising on customer service and workmanship.

Who Can Assist Me With Tree Removal, Stump Grinding and Yard Cleanups in the South West?

Armac are so much more than just stump removal specialists, they can assist with all areas of yard cleanup and tree removal. Call Ray and the team on 0448 442 477 for your free quote today.

How Can Armac Help You This Autumn?

Tree Cutting By Armac Stump GrindingWhen people think Autumn, they predominantly think leaves; the falling, raking and clearing of leaves. But autumn is so much more than just cleaning up the yard of fallen leaves in preparation for winter. Some species of trees, plants and shrubs can be planted at this time, tree’s need to be pruned and lawn needs to be fertilised to allow for growth over the colder months. Preparing your yard in autumn reduces the chances of you having to get out in the cold, wet months of winter to attend to garden issues.

Armac are so much more than just stump removal specialists, they can assist with all areas of yard cleanup and tree removal. We provide the following services that can help you prepare for winter:

  • Tree pruning and removal
  • Yard Cleanup
  • Earthworks

Tree Pruning and Removal

Whilst the winds get stronger and the days get shorter, you may wish to consider having your larger trees pruned or even removed to decrease the chance of a tree falling on your car, shed or home. Large branches can be a safety hazard and trees typically begin to enter dormancy in winter, making it a great time to prune for efficient re-growth.

Yard Cleanup

EarthworksGot a leafy tree? Or does your neighbour? Those fallen leaves cause all sorts of problems when they fall into gutters and pools, clogging up drains and filters. They can also pose slip hazards when they are wet and breed mosquitoes and other insects in their warm, moist nests. Pruning your shrubs and bushes, cleaning up debris and removing possible dangers to your family are all part of the Armac Yard Cleanup service.


Whilst the word earthworks often brings to mind large expansive movement of dirt and rubble, it can refer to the small jobs of driveways and drainage, which is so important when excess water is around your home.

Who Can Help Get My Yard Ready For Winter?

Armac will not only assist in tree and stump removal, but yard cleanup and earthworks to ensure your property is safe and ready for the colder months. Call Ray today on 0448 442 477 to arrange a free onsite quote today.