Tree Removal

Do You Have Vegetation That Needs Removing?

Removing a tree by ARMACThe new year provides an opportunity to make a fresh start and think of changes we would like to make including areas of our home we would like to change or improve. If creating new space in your front or back garden is a change you would like in the New Year, Ray and the team at ARMAC Stump Grinding, Tree Removal and Yard Clean-up are your trusted and reliable professionals in the South West. With over 20 years’ experience in tree removal and stump grinding, the ARMAC team are holders of the nationally recognised White Card, fully insured and qualified with all relevant tickets.

Removing vegetation provides a freshly cleared space that can be used for multiple purposes including:

  • Plant a New Garden
  • Build an Outdoor Area
  • Extend a Path or Driveway

Plant a New Garden

Consider yourself a green thumb? A freshly cleared space provides an area to plant a new garden. Wanting more shade around your home? A new tree planted in the right position can provide plenty of shade for years to come.

A cleared area is a great reason to start a vegetable patch. Planting your own vegetables helps to reduce your carbon footprint plus is of benefit to your body and mind.

Build an Outdoor Area

Extending the drivewayExisting vegetation can leave new homeowners with limited space to build an outdoor area. Removing vegetation and grinding the stumps provides a new space to build your dream outdoor area. Whether it be a shed, carport, garage, patio or a deck, building an outdoor area provides another living area for you and your family to enjoy.  

Extend a Path or Driveway

Removing vegetation provides an opportunity to extend a path or driveway on your property. A newly constructed path or driveway can provide better access to your home or better access from the front to the back garden. Looking for a space to park vehicles, a boat or caravan? Removing vegetation and extending a path or driveway can provide the space for this too.

ARMAC Stump Grinding, Tree Removal and Yard Clean-up are your trusted and reliable professionals for tree removal and stump grinding in the South West.

The removal of trees can be dangerous work and is recommended to only be undertaken by those trained and equipped to do so. No matter the size of the tree, ARMAC has the specialist machinery required to complete the job, removing the chances of damaging important infrastructure.

Whether it’s removing one tree or clearing your entire backyard or block, call Ray for expert advice and a FREE quote today on 0448 442 477.  

5 Reasons to Have Dead Trees Removed

Dead pine treeWhile most trees can live a long time, there are many factors that affect a tree. For this reason, trees on your property should be inspected regularly to ensure their good health. Despite regular checks, some trees still sadly die. When this occurs, it’s important to ensure removing them is a priority. A dead tree is unpredictable and if not removed, can be the cause of damage to home, property, vegetation or worse still, people. 

Read on to learn 5 important reasons to make removing dead trees a priority including:

  • Risk of injury to yourself and others
  • Potential damage to your home’s structures
  • Potential damage to neighbouring properties
  • Spread of disease to surrounding vegetation
  • The longer it remains standing, the more dangerous it is

Risk of injury to yourself and others

If a dead tree on your property is in an area that people access, removing it is essential. Once it has died, a trees branches are prone to breaking and falling without warning. Worse still, the whole tree may come down. Don’t put the well-being and safety of you and others at risk of being struck by falling branches.  

Potential damage to your home’s structures

A fallen branch from a dead tree can cause serious damage to home structures. A damaged roof, broken window or damaged vehicle can be the result of a fallen branch. A fallen dead tree could also block access to your home causing a huge inconvenience to you and your family.

Removal of a dead pine tree by ARMAC - Stump Grinding, Tree Removal, Yard CleanupPotential damage to neighbouring properties

A dead tree can be the culprit of damage to not only your home, but your neighbours too. Fallen branches or whole trees can cause significant damage to neighbouring fences plus neighbour’s outdoor areas including sheds, patios and garages. Eliminate the risk of a dead tree causing damage by having it removed.

Spread of disease to surrounding vegetation

There are several factors that can cause tree diseases including location, soil quality and weather conditions. Many tree diseases are contagious and easily spread to nearby trees and plants. Minimise this risk and protect the rest of your garden by having dead trees removed straight away.

The longer it remains standing, the more dangerous it is

The longer a dead tree remains standing, the more brittle it becomes. The more brittle a dead tree is, the riskier the job of removing it can become. This can lead to more time needed which can lead to more costs involved.

Call ARMAC – Stump Grinding, Tree Removal and Yard Cleanup for all your tree removal and tree pruning needs in Bunbury

Hire the team of professionals at ARMAC to ensure dead trees on your property are removed correctly. With competitive prices, expert advice and over 15 years industry experience, call Ray on 0448 442 477 for a FREE quote and to discuss all your tree removal and tree pruning needs.

Why Should I Have My Trees Removed By a Professional?

Pruning trees to reduce overhang and remove deadwoodTrees on your property are visually pleasing and provide an abundance of shade, however as lovely as they are sometime you may need to have a tree removed. A tree can become a hazard when damaged, or it begins to die and has falling branches. A common assumption is removing a tree is a task anyone can tackle, however this is not the case. Tree removal is a job best left to the professionals like Ray and his team at ARMAC Stump Grinding, Tree Removal and Yard Clean Up.

Read on to discover why hiring ARMAC Stump Grinding is the best decision for tree removal:

  • Correct Tools and Equipment
  • Safety Comes First
  • Experience and Knowledge

Correct Tools and Equipment

To remove a tree successfully, a range of tools and equipment is required. Some of the tools needed include a cherry picker to reach the height of the tree to remove tall branches, chainsaws to cut through thick parts of the trunk plus make cuts in smaller branches, stump grinder to grind the tree stump and roots into small chips and a wood chipper to create mulch from removed branches.

Safety Comes First

Removal of tree for new driveway entranceFully trained and with all relevant safety tickets and white cards, safety is of highest priority. Safety isn’t just ensuring the working area is safe, but extends to the surrounds too. ARMAC Stump Grinding will assess the whole area to ensure nothing is placed to close to come into contact with falling branches. Plus cordon off surrounding areas with cones and signage (if necessary) to prevent access. Safety clothing is also a must with staff dressed in safety clothing plus hard hats, safety glasses, gloves and ear protection.

Experience and Knowledge

Tree removal is all in a day’s work for Ray and his team with over 15 years experience servicing the South West. They offer expert advice on the best action based on your individual circumstances. The skilled team know the finer details about removing trees including the angle to cut branches and precise cuts required plus how to deal with difficult situations such as electrical wires.

Contact Ray at ARMAC Stump Grinding, Tree Removal and Yard Clean Up for your tree removal needs

For quality service with affordable prices, the ARMAC Stump Grinding team provide a specialised tree removal service to the whole of the South West. No job is too big or small for our team of experts.

For a FREE quote, call Ray on 0448 442 477 today.

Help! My Yard Is Overgrown. Who Can I Call in Bunbury?

Bunch of trees to be removeAs beautiful as leafy trees and green grass is, there is ongoing maintenance required. With trees, come falling leaves which need to be raked and cleared away plus regular pruning. With grass comes regular mowing to keep it looking tidy and neat plus fertilising and watering to keep it lush and green. With life becoming busier, it is easy to run out of time to maintain your yard areas and before you know it, they have become overgrown and in need of some TLC.

ARMAC are more than just stump grinding experts. Ray and his team provide the following services that can help keep your yard looking its best:

  • Earthworks
  • Tree Pruning and Yard Clean Up
  • Tree Removal


Having the correct equipment is essential when performing earthworks. Adding a new path, driveway, firebreak or landscape design to your home or property are all common reasons to have earthworks done. Old turf or lawn that has died and needs to be dug out is another common reason for earthworks. Earthworks can improve drainage if you have water pooling in outside areas such as driveways or around drains. Many homes have unwanted wooden or concrete structures, both can be moved with the correct earthworks to ensure no damage is down to irrigation or below ground pipes.

Tree Pruning and Yard Clean Up

Removal of tree for new driveway entranceWith winter comes strong winds causing branches and leaves to fall from trees. Fallen leaves can block drains and gutters causing further maintenance issues for homeowners. Overgrown trees can be an issue in not only your yard but neighbours too. Fallen branches can become trip hazards for you and your family when outdoors. Regular trimming of overgrown and overhanging tree branches will minimise the risk of damage. Lawn that is overgrown often requires not only mowing, but edges to be redone too. Debris accumulates quickly so a yard clean up will remove all debris and have your yard looking neat and tidy again.

Tree Removal

Trees can require removal for various reasons. Removing trees can be dangerous work so it’s a job best left to professionals who are fully trained and have the correct equipment on hand to ensure safety. Trees should be inspected on a regular basis as a damaged tree that needs removing can fall, causing extensive and costly damage to structures like sheds or patio’s plus damage vehicles too.

Call ARMAC Stump Grinding, Tree Removal, Yard Clean-up for a FREE quote today

Ray at ARMAC Stump Grinding, Tree Removal and Yard Clean-up is only a call away to assist you with not only stump grinding, but your earthworks, tree pruning, tree removal and yard clean up needs. If you want a quick, no fuss and free quote – ring Ray on 0448 442 477 today and receive friendly and professional service.

Winter has finally arrived in Bunbury. Is your property winter ready?

Cotton Palm

The winter season is upon us as low temperatures, rain and strong winds settle in around the South West. If you haven’t already, it is certainly time to check the exterior of your home or property to make sure it is safe. This will not only minimise the risk of potential damage, but help prevent any nasty surprises when venturing outdoors after fierce winter storms or winds.

Trees on your property should be at the top of your list to be inspected. Here are just a few things to look out for when inspecting trees on your property this winter:

  • The angle of the trees
  • The height of the trees
  • The health of the trees

The Angle of The Trees

Trees often don’t grow straight up and down, a little lean can be normal. However, if your tree is leaning more than usual, has a build up of soil on the side opposite the lean or has visible roots around the base of the tree, it is a sure sign the tree may be unstable. An experienced professional will have the expertise to know how to re-stabilise the tree to help redistribute the trees weight evenly again.

The Height of The Trees

Having beautiful large trees is aesthetically pleasing and provides beautiful shade during the summer months. Fast forward a few months to winter and the higher the tree, the bigger the risk of potential damage. The cause of this damage is often lightning and strong winds. If lightning strikes one side of a tree, it may live to see another day, but if a bolt travels through the trunk, damaging wood, bark and roots, it could mean the life of the tree is over.

Strong and gale force winds can cause entire trees to be uprooted or considerable structural damage to occur. Large branches can fall onto roofs, fencing, gutters, sheds, patios or even through windows. Cutting or pruning trees before winter is a job best left to a professional, they have the experience and expertise not to mention the correct equipment to ensure safety too.

The Health of The Trees

While most trees have a long life span, there are many environmental factors that can effect a tree’s health.  These can include not only the rain, wind and storms that winter brings, but also cold weather too. A few signs your tree may be unhealthy include cracks and splits in a trees trunk, fungus around the stump of the tree, splitting or peeling of branches and an uneven growth pattern. A professional has the expertise to identify these warning signs and know when a tree needs attention. Having your trees inspected regularly is the best way to ensure their good health.

Call ARMAC – Stump Grinding, Tree Removal and Yard Cleanup for all your tree removal and tree pruning needs in Bunbury

Hire a professional and ensure your property is winter ready. With competitive prices, expert advice and over 15 years industry experience, call Ray on 0448 442 477 for a FREE quote and to discuss all your tree removal and tree pruning needs.

Signs a Tree is About to Fall?

tree removalWhen there are large trees around housing, fences or cars it is a good idea to keep them maintained by a professional who is better equipped to handle the trees and who has the knowledge with different signs a tree might show to indicate that the tree isn’t in its healthiest state.

Trees can cause thousands of dollars in damages when they come down on roofs, cars or neighbouring properties and if you are not covered by a reputable insurance company. You will also be thanking your lucky stars that no one was in its path when it comes to crashing to a halt.

Areas to Watch with Your Trees

  • Missing Bark or Deep Cracks
  • Leaning Trunks
  • Tight Branch Growth
  • Losing Leaves From the Outside In
  • Dead and Falling Branches

Missing Bark or Deep Cracks

Deep cracks or missing bark may be caused by a disease known as canker, this can cause a tree to break in that spot. If your tree looks healthy but is developing deep cracks this should not be ignored as with any deep cracks are not the sign of a healthy tree.

Leaning Trucks

If you notice a tree leaning more than 15 degrees from strong winds or root damage the whole tree needs to be removed for safety.

Tight Branch Growth

When branches are growing tightly together this is a bad sign. Elm, Maple, Yellow Poplar and Willow trees will break at the forks of stems where weak formations are. Noticing a “V” shaped structure is not healthy and should be more like a “U” for a strong union.

tree removedLosing Leaves from the Outside In

This can be a sign that there are root system problems. As the roots are where the tree gets its nutrients and water from.

Dead and Falling Branches

As the tree is trying to make itself smaller so that has less to feed, big branches could be noticed falling from the tree, more than usual.  Any dead branches should be removed as soon as possible to ensure safety.

When to act on a troublesome Tree

Need help with your trees? For trees of all shapes and sizes Armac Stump Grinding, Tree Removal and Yard Cleanups service can help. Armac has expertise with the right equipment and knowledge to help you trim or remove your trees and stumps. Contact Ray on 0448 442 477 for a free quote today.

3 Things To Consider When Having Trees Removed

Tree removalTaking care of trees and their stumps has a bit of science behind it. Trees come in different shapes, heights and have a range of stem and root systems. Having the right tools and equipment will be needed to remove the tree safely and efficiently. If you are having trees removed to plant new trees you need to think ahead.

When you are removing trees you need to consider what will happen in the future.

Preparation for Future Trees

  • Planting of New Trees
  • Watering and Reticulation
  • Maintenance and Conditioning

Planting of New Trees

When placing new plants and trees in the garden it is best to do some research of how big the size of the plant is going to grow to roughly, what kind of soil it is suited to and general health and maintenance will help keep the plant in good condition. Certain trees attract different kinds of insects and are more susceptible to disease.

Watering and Reticulation

All trees and plants need water to live and survive but too much can actually drown them too, so finding the right balance of good soil and a water regime that suits the plant will save costs in the future, keeping the root systems healthy as well. When trees die they are an eyesore and removal can seem difficult. Contacting a professional specialist can ensure that the tree is removed safely and with debris taken away.

Maintenance and Conditioning

Armac Stump Grinding Bandit in ActionIt is important to keep in mind what maintenance of trees will be needed to the safeguard passing traffic, pedestrians, houses and fencing, depending on the location of where they are, have you considered the size the new trees will grow too, such as a small cottage block will not be suitable for a large tree with a big canopy.

It goes without saying that you care for something it will help it grow and trees and plants are no different. Keeping plants and trees trimmed will stop overgrowth and plant life taking over areas that are not wanted eg over neighbour fences.

For Professional Tree and Stump Removal Services

Contact Ray at Armac Stump Grinding, Tree Removal and Yard Cleanups on 0448 442 477 or 9797 0942 for a no fuss, no obligation quote. 

Who Can Remove My Garden Bed?

Removal of garden bedWhen it comes to renovating your front or backyard; you will want a completely vacated piece of land to work with, there are quite a few processes to go through before getting the job completed.

  • Do you need high extra equipment?
  • Have the time to spend out there getting it all cleaned up?
  • Are there trees or stumps that need removing?

If you would like to save yourself some time and money, contacting a professional who is able to do tree removal, stump grinding and earthworks you will save you money by having everything done at once by 1 contractor.

What Considerations Are Needed for Yard Cleanups?

  • Borders, Trees and Stumps Removal
  • Underground Services
  • Garden Beds Removal
  • Earthworks

Borders, Trees and Stumps RemovalTree removed by Armac

You need a contractor with experience so the job is done correctly the first time. Armac have been removing trees of all different shapes and sizes since 1999 and with this experience can remove roots and all leaving you with a blank canvas to work with. If garden borders or limestone walls need to be removed this too is all part of the service.

Underground Services

Working together closely with nearby neighbours or officials for gas lines, water or electricity will give you peace of mind that certain structures are not damaged through the works process.

Garden Beds Removal

All plants and soil can be removed and discarded appropriately so the new soil can be added for new garden beds.



When the unwanted trees, stumps and garden removal has taken place, the process to clear away all debris and level off the surface gives you a clear space to start work on your fabulous new yard and with all rubbish is disposed of in the correct way.

When It Comes to Yard Cleanups Who Should You Call?

Armac Stump Grinding, Tree Removal and Yard Cleanup have the expertise and professionalism to deal with all sorts of yards, trees and stumps. For a free onsite quote call Ray today on 0448 442 477 and get your garden ready to have it how you have always wanted it to be.

Who can Spring Clean my Yard?

Treee removalSpring is around the corner, it is the time to get your garden and yard tidied up from too many leaves or tree branches that may have come down making your front and back yard look less than appealing.

When these maintenance jobs need to be done, there is no need put them on the back burner until your able to accomplish the task. Contact the expertise who are only too happy to do a clean-up for you.

To save time and energy contact Armac who has all the equipment to help in the situation and complete the job from the beginning to end leaving you with the space you are needing.

Areas for your Spring Clean?

  • Tree and Branches
  • Stump Grinding
  • Earth Works

Trees and Branches

If your trees have taken a battering from the winter winds and left branches around your yard or partly broken off trees that need to be removed, these can easily be collected and trimmed and taken away for you.

EarthworksStump Grinding

Has a tree in your yard fallen onto a fence line or broken and looks like it needs to be removed, then Armac have the right tools and equipment and can remove the tree and grind stumps leaving you with free space again to utilise for something else.


When wanting to make extra space for a driveway, shed, drainage or just general yard clean-ups, earthworks is the way to go to ensure levelling and preparation of your ground ready for your project.

For a No Fuss Obligation Free Quote

Armac will give you the professional friendly service you need with a very affordable prices for all your tree removals, firebreaks, driveway preparations and earthworks.

Contact Ray at Armac today on 0448 442 477.

Bracing For The Storm with Armac Stump Grinding

Cutting treesAs winter sets in around the South West, so do the storms. To ensure your property is safe from extensive damage and your family is safe from harm, it may be time to get the professionals in to assess your property’s trees and surrounding flora. Trees, branches, shrubs and debris lying around can be picked up by strong wind gusts and cause irreparable damage to your home and injury to the people around them.

Armac are your local, fully insured and accredited experts in tree removal, stump grinding and yard clean-ups. Whether it is clearing your yard from old trees to make new space or removing trees completely to minimise risk to your home anywhere in the South West, Ray and his team have the expertise and experience to get the job done affordably, efficiently and on time.

Some of the pre-emptive measures to take to ensure your home’s safety in storm season include:

  • Prune and Remove Low Lying Branches
  • Clear Yard Rubbish
  • Remove Large Dangerous Trees

Prune and Remove Low Lying Branches

Branches that scrape and whip against your roof, windows and walls during a storm will not only scare everyone inside, they also pose a serious safety threat. Heavier branches are prone to snapping and falling onto house roof, causing extensive damage and possibly causing you to have to evacuate your home.

Clear Yard Rubbish

Bits of yard rubbish, twigs, dead branches and other potential flying hazards are all simply lying in wait for the big wind gust that will pick them up and throw them through your windows. Carrying out an intensive yard cleanup not only clears spaces for new garden adventures, renovations or building and garden projects, they are also beneficial in moving possible flying objects out of the danger zone.

Remove Large Dangerous Trees

Armac Stump Grinding Bandit in ActionWhen it comes to damage to homes, cars, fences and utility services, one of the biggest culprits are large trees. Getting them pruned every year may not be enough when the tree becomes a hazard and has grown too close to power lines or the roots start lifting up house foundation and paving. The bigger the tree, the more the wind will shake it and if the trunk snaps and it lands on your house roof or car, that’s an extremely costly accident! Give yourself peace of mind that the large trees on your property aren’t a safety hazard and get them assessed by Armac Stump Grinding.

Who Can Help Me With Pre-Storm Cleanups and Preparation?

Armac strive to provide efficient and cost-effective service, with reliable and honest local small business service. We will never tell you to remove a tree unnecessarily and always leave our work sites immaculate and safe. Call Ray today for a free quote on 0448 442 477.