Do You Have Vegetation That Needs Removing?

Removing a tree by ARMACThe new year provides an opportunity to make a fresh start and think of changes we would like to make including areas of our home we would like to change or improve. If creating new space in your front or back garden is a change you would like in the New Year, Ray and the team at ARMAC Stump Grinding, Tree Removal and Yard Clean-up are your trusted and reliable professionals in the South West. With over 20 years’ experience in tree removal and stump grinding, the ARMAC team are holders of the nationally recognised White Card, fully insured and qualified with all relevant tickets.

Removing vegetation provides a freshly cleared space that can be used for multiple purposes including:

  • Plant a New Garden
  • Build an Outdoor Area
  • Extend a Path or Driveway

Plant a New Garden

Consider yourself a green thumb? A freshly cleared space provides an area to plant a new garden. Wanting more shade around your home? A new tree planted in the right position can provide plenty of shade for years to come.

A cleared area is a great reason to start a vegetable patch. Planting your own vegetables helps to reduce your carbon footprint plus is of benefit to your body and mind.

Build an Outdoor Area

Extending the drivewayExisting vegetation can leave new homeowners with limited space to build an outdoor area. Removing vegetation and grinding the stumps provides a new space to build your dream outdoor area. Whether it be a shed, carport, garage, patio or a deck, building an outdoor area provides another living area for you and your family to enjoy.  

Extend a Path or Driveway

Removing vegetation provides an opportunity to extend a path or driveway on your property. A newly constructed path or driveway can provide better access to your home or better access from the front to the back garden. Looking for a space to park vehicles, a boat or caravan? Removing vegetation and extending a path or driveway can provide the space for this too.

ARMAC Stump Grinding, Tree Removal and Yard Clean-up are your trusted and reliable professionals for tree removal and stump grinding in the South West.

The removal of trees can be dangerous work and is recommended to only be undertaken by those trained and equipped to do so. No matter the size of the tree, ARMAC has the specialist machinery required to complete the job, removing the chances of damaging important infrastructure.

Whether it’s removing one tree or clearing your entire backyard or block, call Ray for expert advice and a FREE quote today on 0448 442 477.