Should I Remove Damaged or Dead Trees on My Property?

Cypress Pine and Eucalypt RemovalA healthy tree is lovely to look at, has environmental benefits and can provide an abundance of shade. However, as beneficial as trees are, for various reasons they can become unhealthy, damaged or even die.

While damaged or dead trees may appear to be perfectly stable and not causing any harm, it’s important to ensure removing them is made a priority. Read below to learn more including:

  • How do I know a tree is damaged or dead?
  • A dead or damaged tree can be dangerous
  • Prevent harm to surrounding vegetation

How do I know a tree is damaged or dead?

Trees on your property should be inspected regularly to ensure their good health. A trained professional has the expertise to identify signs of a decaying tree however there are warning signs property owners should be on the lookout for. Signs of a damaged or decaying tree includes a tree that is leaning to one side, a tree with exposed roots, a tree with brown and brittle branches, a tree trunk that is peeling or cracking and a tree with thinning foliage.

A dead or damaged tree can be dangerous

If a dead or damaged tree on your property is in an area that people access, it is highly recommended it is removed. Once it has died, a trees branches are prone to breaking and falling without warning or the whole tree may even fall. A fallen branch can cause extensive damage to yours or neighbouring homes structures. Even more so, fallen branches or a fallen tree puts peoples well-being and safety at risk.

Cypress Pine and Eucalypt stump removalPrevent harm to surrounding vegetation

A tree being damaged or dying can also be caused by a tree becoming diseased. There are several factors that can cause tree diseases including location, soil quality and weather conditions. Many tree diseases are contagious and easily spread to nearby trees and plants. Minimise this risk and protect the rest of your garden by having trees that are damaged or dying because of a disease removed straight away.

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Ray and his experienced team of professionals at ARMAC – Stump Grinding, Tree Removal and Yard Cleanup will ensure damaged and/or dead trees on your property are removed correctly. With competitive prices, expert advice and over 15 years industry experience, call Ray  to discuss all your tree removal and tree pruning needs on 0448 442 477 today.