What are the Warning Signs of a Hazardous Tree?

Signs of a Hazardous TreeThere are numerous benefits of having trees in your garden or on your property including making oxygen, providing shade and being great to admire. While most trees thrive and grow in the Australian climate, it is important to have them regularly inspected to ensure they are in good health. A tree not in good in health can be dangerous and a safety hazard to not only you and your home, but surrounding properties too.

When it comes to inspecting, trimming or removing trees it is a job best left to professionals. Safety is imperative and tree professionals have the qualifications and expertise to correctly assess and diagnose trees and the equipment, experience and relevant tickets to safely trim or remove them.

Read on to learn a few warning signs a tree could be hazardous including:

  • Dead branches
  • Leaning to one side
  • Discoloured roots
  • Cracks in the trunk
  • Heavy foliage

Dead branches

If you notice branches are dead or showing signs of decaying, it could mean there is a disease within your tree making the branch at risk of falling. This can be hazardous especially if the tree is close to powerlines, a roof or fence lines.

Leaning to one side

When inspecting a tree from the ground, if it is leaning to one side it could indicate the tree may no longer be stable and is at risk of falling. Soil movement under the tree can also indicate the tree is unstable and at risk of falling.

Discoloured roots

Tree roots that have become discoloured and are now rotted, dark brown or black can mean there is a disease in the tree and is one of the signs of a hazardous tree. Diseased roots will potentially lead to the whole tree becoming diseased and dying off making it a high risk of falling.

Cracks in the trunk

Tree removed now

Cracks in a tree trunk can be caused by weather such as lightning. Cracks or splits in a tree trunk indicate there is weakness in the tree making it at risk of falling.

Heavy foliage

When visually looking at a tree, if you notice an area is producing more foliage than another, it can indicate there is a growth issue. If the branches with more foliage becomes too heavy it can cause branches to break and fall.

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