What Can I Do to Prepare My Garden for Winter?

before and after by Armac Stump GrindingAfter a long and hot summer, many South West residents are looking forward to cooler weather ahead. Autumn typically brings sunny days with lower temperatures however, when autumn turns to winter, the sunny days are replaced with rain, winds and storms. For this reason, it’s important to ensure your garden is prepared for the winter weather ahead.

While there is a long list of suggestions to ensure your garden is prepared for winter, read on to learn 5 ways to prepare your garden for winter including:

  • Inspect trees for damage
  • Have tree branches trimmed
  • Ensure gutters are clean
  • Prepare winter vegetable plantings
  • Store and protect outdoor furniture

Inspect trees for damage

An unhealthy or damaged tree is more susceptible to falling during the fierce winds and storms of winter. Inspect trees for signs of damage and call a professional to have unhealthy or damaged trees removed. Signs of an unstable tree can include a tree that is leaning more than usual, has a build-up of soil on the side opposite the lean or has visible roots around the base of the tree.

Have tree branches trimmed

Having beautiful large trees is not only aesthetically pleasing, but provides beautiful shade during the summer. Fast forward a few months to winter and the higher the tree, the bigger the risk of potential damage. Strong and gale force winds can cause entire trees to be uprooted or considerable structural damage to occur. Large branches can fall onto roofs, fencing, gutters, sheds, patios or even through windows. Cutting or pruning trees before winter is a job best left to a professional, they have the experience and expertise not to mention the correct equipment to ensure safety too.

Ensure gutters are clean

Having gutters clear of leaves, dirt and debris will ensure water can freely flow through gutters and down drainpipes when winters rain arrives. Having water flowing away from your home will help to minimise the risk of it entering your home and causing damage.

Prepare winter vegetable plantings

 Prepare My Garden for WinterSome vegetation thrives in winter while others aren’t suited to the colder weather. Remove any vegetable plantings that aren’t favourable to winter and plant hardy vegetables for the winter months. If your vegetable patch includes herbs, some are suitable for winter and can tolerate the cold weather, while others will need some extra help.

Store and protect outdoor furniture

Before winter arrives, pack up and store outdoor furniture that won’t be used during the winter months. Doing so will protect the furniture from being damaged by rain plus also prevent it from being blown around during strong winds and storms.

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