What Does a Complete Garden Renovation Involve?

Complete Garden Renovation

When we think of renovating our home, it’s often only the indoors we consider however, it’s possible to do a garden renovation too. Removing your existing garden and clearing the space creates a new area that can be used for multiple purposes.

Before your new garden can take begin to take shape, there is plenty of groundwork to be done. Read on to learn more about what a complete garden renovation involves including:

  • Safety and correct equipment
  • Tree and stump removal
  • Garden beds removal
  • Bring your new garden to life

Safety and correct equipment

When it comes to undertaking renovations in your garden, it is important to ensure it is done safely. While you may think it is a task you can tackle yourself, there may be work involved at heights plus the use of specialised equipment. Most equipment should only be operated by those who are trained and qualified to do so. Working together closely with nearby neighbours or officials for gas lines, water or electricity will give you peace of mind that certain structures are not damaged through the works process too.

Tree and stump removal

Depending on what renovations are taking place, trees and stumps in your garden may need removing. The removing or pruning of trees can be dangerous work and should only be undertaken by those trained and equipped to do so. Once a tree is removed, it’s important to ensure the stump is ground correctly to ensure the trees root system doesn’t begin to grow again.

Garden beds removalGarden beds removal

Garden beds removal involves ensuring all plants and soil is removed and discarded appropriately. Garden bed removal may also involve removing bricks or borders surrounding garden beds. 

Bring your new garden to life

Once this important groundwork has been done and you have a cleared space, your new garden can begin to come to life. Your new space can be used for may purposes including planting new lawn and vegetation or installing a new permanent fixture such as a garage or patio.

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