What Must Be Considered Before Grinding a Tree Stump

stump removalWinter has well and truly arrived in the South West. Seasonal storms are in full force leaving many storm damaged trees requiring removal. When having a tree removed, it is recommended to have the stump removed too. Why? An exposed tree stump is not only a safety hazard but over time, can decay and make a perfect new home for termites.

Whether an existing tree and stump that you would like removed or a tree stump left from previously cutting down a tree, there are many factors that must be considered before a stump is ground. Read on to learn what these are including:

  • The Type of Tree
  • The Location
  • Ease of Access

The Type of Tree

There are many different species of trees of varying sizes, shapes and root systems. The type of tree stump being ground will help decide the best machinery and equipment to use to effectively grind the stump. When having a stump ground, it is imperative to ensure the roots are completely removed to stop the tree growing back over time.

The Location

Removing tree stumpsThe location of a tree stump and its surroundings must be considered before a stump is ground. This includes buildings, fences, underground services and plumbing pipes. If a stump is bordering on a neighbouring property, neighbours may need to be informed as access to their property may be required.

Ease of Access

Grinding a tree stump requires the use of specialised machinery. If your tree stump is located at the back of a property, the best way to allow machinery to access this area must be determined. Smaller stump grinding machinery may be required that can access narrow areas and up steps.

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