What Must I Consider When Removing Trees for New Plantings in My Garden?

Removing Trees - Cypress Pine and Eucalyptus treesThere are many ways to give your garden a makeover. One of these ways is by removing existing trees to plant new vegetation in their place. Your reasons for planting new trees or plants could be they are easier to maintain, they fit into a themed garden design or they may be needed as the existing trees are unhealthy or dying. 

The task of tree removal is not as straight forward as it may appear. As trees come in varying shapes and sizes with differing stems and root systems, all tree removal is not the same. For this reason, it’s recommended to have trees removed by a professional like Ray and his team at ARMAC Stump Grinding Tree Removal and Yard Clean Up. Professional tree removal ensures a tree is removed safely and correctly plus can include stump grinding to ensure no trace of the tree remains.

Read on to learn a few tips on what you should consider when having trees removed to plant new plantings in your garden including:

  • Research New Trees and Plants
  • How Much Water Do They Need?
  • What Size Will They Grow To?

Research New Trees and Plants  

Before placing new trees and plants in the garden there is some research that should be done first. It is important to know the structure of the tree, what kind of soil it is suited to and general health and maintenance that will be required to keep your new plantings healthy.

How Much Water Do They Need?

All trees and plants need water to live and survive, but did you know you can overwater certain plants and trees? It’s important your new plantings will be able to receive the right amount of water that will keep their root system healthy. To conserve water, a good soil is also recommended that will hold water and ensure water reaches down to the roots of the tree or plant.

Tree pruning in BinningupWhat Size Will They Grow To?

It is important to keep in mind the size a tree will grow to. Depending on where they are located you must ensure they aren’t a hazard to passing traffic, pedestrians, houses and fencing. Regular maintenance of the tree will also be required so consider the upkeep of the tree when choosing what is right for you.

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