Who Can Construct and Maintain Firebreaks in Bunbury?

FirebreaksSummer has nearly arrived with temperatures increasing and days becoming longer. If you haven’t already, it is time to check the exterior of your home or property to make sure it is summer ready. One important task is to check if your property requires firebreaks and if so, have them constructed. For properties with existing firebreaks, it is imperative they are maintained too.

Interested to know more about firebreaks? Read on to learn more including:

  • What is a firebreak?
  • Firebreak designs
  • Firebreak requirements

What is a firebreak?

A firebreak is a long and narrow piece of land that has been cleared of trees, shrubs, grass and other combustible materials. While a firebreak cannot be fully relied upon to stop a bushfire spreading, it’s two main purposes are to minimise or stop a low-intensity bushfire spreading and allow fire-fighting vehicles easy access if a fire does occur. Depending on the land to be cleared, firebreaks are normally constructed and maintained using a bulldozer, front end loader, grader or tractor.

Firebreak designs

Firebreaks are normally required to be on the outer edge of a property and at least 3 metres wide with an additional horizontal clearance of half a metre on both sides plus a vertical clearance of 4 metres. However, the size of your property will determine if these measurements need to be increased. When constructing a firebreak, the size of fire fighting vehicles must be considered to ensure they have a path that connects to formal access routes, doesn’t come to a dead end plus has suitable space to turn around.

Firebreak requirements

EarthworkIt is imperative to ensure a firebreak is effective and for this reason, local governments issue fire-break notices advising the required dimensions. These notices can be issued at any time through the year under the Bush Fires Act 1954 (BF Act) or prior to the start of the summer bushfire season. Each local government determines their own minimum fire-break standards and how these standards apply to various property sizes.

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The content in this article is general information. Please refer to dfes.wa.gov.au and speak to your local government for further information and requirements.