Who Can I Use To Have A Cotton Palm Removed?

Cotton PalmDoes your backyard have a certain 1980’s feel to it, complete with an assortment of large palm trees?

Cotton palms are beautiful trees, but they can grow up to 15-20m tall and some have spiky fronds that can cause nasty cuts. The way their fronds cause a dense ‘shag’ skirt below can invite pests and are also a fire hazard, as well as being a threat to biodiversity in bushland, so unless you are committed to maintaining your cotton palms, it’s best to have them removed by a professional.

Armac Stump Grinding are your local, qualified choice when it comes to tree removal and have vast experience in removing palms of all sizes from back and front yards with minimal disturbance to your existing gardens. Ray and his team have the expertise and experience to get the job done affordably, efficiently and on time, so you don’t risk injury or property damage by attempting the job yourself.

  • Safety Guaranteed and Insurance Compliance
  • Fast and Affordable
  • Locally Owned Small Business

Safety Guaranteed and Insurance Compliance

Armac Stump Grinding place the highest importance on safety and focus on completing the job safely every time. They hold all industry accreditations and insurances to ensure they not only carry out the job professionally and to the highest safety standards, but will be compliant with your own insurance requirements.

Fast and Affordable

Cotton Palm Sth Bun2Armac Stump Grinding understand the growing cost of maintenance of your property and strive to keep their prices indicative of the work involved without compromising on customer service and workmanship. The size, location and situation surrounding the tree will determine the cost of the job, however Armac Stump Grinding are always fair and competitive with their pricing.

Locally Owned Small Business

South West residents appreciate a unique assortment of local flora and fauna and Ray and his team recognise and respect the diverse ecosystems of the local community. As a family owned and run small business, Armac Stump Grinding understand the need to support local and to provide exemplary service to ensure return clientele.

Who Can Assist Me With Cottom Palm Removal in the South West?

Armac Stump Grinding can not only assist with the removal of palm trees, but all trees, stumps and yard cleanup services. Call Ray and the team on 0448 442 477 for your free quote today.