Why Should I Have My Trees Removed By a Professional?

Pruning trees to reduce overhang and remove deadwoodTrees on your property are visually pleasing and provide an abundance of shade, however as lovely as they are sometime you may need to have a tree removed. A tree can become a hazard when damaged, or it begins to die and has falling branches. A common assumption is removing a tree is a task anyone can tackle, however this is not the case. Tree removal is a job best left to the professionals like Ray and his team at ARMAC Stump Grinding, Tree Removal and Yard Clean Up.

Read on to discover why hiring ARMAC Stump Grinding is the best decision for tree removal:

  • Correct Tools and Equipment
  • Safety Comes First
  • Experience and Knowledge

Correct Tools and Equipment

To remove a tree successfully, a range of tools and equipment is required. Some of the tools needed include a cherry picker to reach the height of the tree to remove tall branches, chainsaws to cut through thick parts of the trunk plus make cuts in smaller branches, stump grinder to grind the tree stump and roots into small chips and a wood chipper to create mulch from removed branches.

Safety Comes First

Removal of tree for new driveway entranceFully trained and with all relevant safety tickets and white cards, safety is of highest priority. Safety isn’t just ensuring the working area is safe, but extends to the surrounds too. ARMAC Stump Grinding will assess the whole area to ensure nothing is placed to close to come into contact with falling branches. Plus cordon off surrounding areas with cones and signage (if necessary) to prevent access. Safety clothing is also a must with staff dressed in safety clothing plus hard hats, safety glasses, gloves and ear protection.

Experience and Knowledge

Tree removal is all in a day’s work for Ray and his team with over 15 years experience servicing the South West. They offer expert advice on the best action based on your individual circumstances. The skilled team know the finer details about removing trees including the angle to cut branches and precise cuts required plus how to deal with difficult situations such as electrical wires.

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