Why Should I Have Tree Stumps Removed?

Stump removal in Bunbury

When it comes to tree removal, it is not only the limbs of the tree that can be removed but the tree stump too. Some homeowners may think there is no harm leaving a tree stump in the garden and this may be true however it’s important to understand the pro’s and con’s of leaving a stump exposed once it has been separated from a tree.

Read on to learn 5 reasons why you should have tree stumps removed including:

  • Prevent fungi
  • Deter unwanted pests
  • Prevent a safety hazard
  • Make space available for new vegetation
  • Improve appearance of your garden

Prevent fungi 

Tree stumps that have been separated from a tree will begin to rot. As this continues, fungi can begin to grow in and around a tree stump. Fungus can quickly grow and spread, making its way to other vegetation. It also presents a safety risk to people.

Deter unwanted pests

Unwanted pests such as termites, bugs and rodents can make a new home in an exposed tree stump. These pests can also spread to other vegetation in your garden and even enter your home or nearby buildings.

Prevent a safety hazard

An exposed tree stump can be a safety hazard. Grass can grow over the stump making it not easily seen and a serious trip hazard. It could also damage your lawn mower if you happen to mow over it when mowing your lawn.

Make space available for new vegetation

Tree removal

Removing a tree stump provides a cleared space for new vegetation. Leaving a tree stump can prevent you from planting new trees nearby as the root system is still in place and in the way.

Improve the appearance of your garden

A decaying tree stump can be an eye sore in a garden. It can impact the overall appearance of your garden and could deter potential buyers or tenants if looking to sell or lease your property.

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