Winter has finally arrived in Bunbury. Is your property winter ready?

Cotton palm in Withers need to be removed

The winter season is upon us as low temperatures, rain and strong winds settle in around the South West. If you haven’t already, it is certainly time to check the exterior of your home or property to make sure it is safe. This will not only minimise the risk of potential damage, but help prevent any nasty surprises when venturing outdoors after fierce winter storms or winds.

Trees on your property should be at the top of your list to be inspected. Here are just a few things to look out for when inspecting trees on your property this winter:

  • The angle of the trees
  • The height of the trees
  • The health of the trees

The Angle of The Trees

Trees often don’t grow straight up and down, a little lean can be normal. However, if your tree is leaning more than usual, has a build up of soil on the side opposite the lean or has visible roots around the base of the tree, it is a sure sign the tree may be unstable. An experienced professional will have the expertise to know how to re-stabilise the tree to help redistribute the trees weight evenly again.

The Height of The Trees

Having beautiful large trees is aesthetically pleasing and provides beautiful shade during the summer months. Fast forward a few months to winter and the higher the tree, the bigger the risk of potential damage. The cause of this damage is often lightning and strong winds. If lightning strikes one side of a tree, it may live to see another day, but if a bolt travels through the trunk, damaging wood, bark and roots, it could mean the life of the tree is over.

Strong and gale force winds can cause entire trees to be uprooted or considerable structural damage to occur. Large branches can fall onto roofs, fencing, gutters, sheds, patios or even through windows. Cutting or pruning trees before winter is a job best left to a professional, they have the experience and expertise not to mention the correct equipment to ensure safety too.

The Health of The Trees

While most trees have a long life span, there are many environmental factors that can effect a tree’s health.  These can include not only the rain, wind and storms that winter brings, but also cold weather too. A few signs your tree may be unhealthy include cracks and splits in a trees trunk, fungus around the stump of the tree, splitting or peeling of branches and an uneven growth pattern. A professional has the expertise to identify these warning signs and know when a tree needs attention. Having your trees inspected regularly is the best way to ensure their good health.

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